Redshift farm rendering w/Engine?

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Hey all!

Trying to figure out how to render my Houdini scenes on our farm w/out an engine license, if at all possible, since we only have one.

I've managed to get Mantra running just fine using a pretty simple ifd workflow.

We're using Redshift on a new project and we can toss a few cards into our render nodes.
We've got a floating license setup for Redshift that seems to work fine w/Max.

So my question is this:
Do I need a Houdini engine license to execute Redshift renders on the farm?
Can I export .rs like I would ifds and just have hqueue process those?

My alternative is pipe my RS files back into Max (ick)!

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Good morning,
Did you have any luck with the licensing/rendering on the render farm?

I got mine working with Deadline and Mantra, but not with Redshift.
I purchased another Redshift render license ($264), but still no luck.

Current set up-

Workstation- (Precision 7920, FX Houdini)

Render Node- (Poweredge R630)

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