PDG provides a rich set of stock nodes designed to enhance productivity while managing dependencies smartly to minimize recompute when making changes. This positions it as the ideal solution for automating your pipeline to make your team more productive than ever before.

PDG | Performance

Improving performance was a key initiative in Houdini 18.5. From ROP Fetch cooking in Houdini Engine to general performance and memory usage improvements, PDG is stronger than ever for automating your pipeline tasks.



PDG | Asset Render Pipeline

PDG is the perfect tool for setting up a pipeline that renders your assets under different lighting conditions, converts the results into video and publishes each of them to a project management software such as Shotgun. 


ROP Fetch cooking in HEngine

Improved geometry importing

New PDG Services system

Redesigned message queue server

In-process scheduler improvements

Specialized Frame Range nodes

Redesigned Send EMail node

Target node selections for partitioning

Rewritten ImageMagick node.

And much more...