Houdini 18.5 introduces KineFX, a character toolset designed to provide a procedural foundation for retargeting, motion editing, and in future releases, rigging and animation. Set in the geometry context, these new workflows make rigging a fast, plug-and-play experience with unlimited flexibility and caching capabilities.

Model courtesy of Christophe Desse

KineFX | SOP Joints

Implemented in the familiar geometry [SOP] context, KineFX treats joints as regular point geometry with edge connections defining the rig hierarchy. You can bring rigs in from the object level of Houdini or import FBX characters to manipulate using KineFX tools. 

Posing Rigs

KineFX | Procedural Workflows

In KineFX, artists can retarget motion from one rig to another and set up Full-body IK solvers to add more direct control. With rigs and motion expressed as regular geometry, all the modelling arsenal in SOPs becomes instantly available to the rigger.  

Working in SOPS
Full Body IK

KineFX | Motion Editing

With Motion expressed as geometry, it becomes easy to visualize, edit and blend sequences for your rig. You can add foot stabilization for walking and climbing characters. Combine the arms from one clip with the legs of another to add variety to your motion library. 

Motion Editing
Foot Stabilization
Motion Blending

KineFX | Vellum

The vellum dynamics used for cloth, soft bodies and wires can be integrated into your rigs to add secondary motion and realistic effects to your characters.