Artwork courtesy of Adam Swaab


A key initiative for VFX in Houdini 18.5 is the introduction of high-level tools to make it easier for artists to achieve production-quality results.  By making it easier to set up and execute VFX, artists will be able to make more iterations in support of the creative needs of each project. 

PYRO FX | Interactive Solve

To offer an entry point for shaping PyroFX simulations, new tools offer interactive performance that leverages the GPU. These can be an effective starting point for a more refined simulation that will be finished up using the CPU. 



PYRO FX | Production Workflows

To more quickly achieve production quality results, Houdini 18.5 includes Pyro Burst and Trail tools that create procedural setups designed to quickly set the initial state for simulations. These tools are highly customizable making it easy to create many unique setups for your VFX.




PYRO FX | Shelf Tools

Shelf tools are available for typical Pyro FX scenarios such as smoke, fire and explosions. To demonstrate how to set these up with lights and shaders, a complete shot is available for each tool in the Content Library.

FLIP FLUIDS | Viscosity

Houdini 18.5 expands the adaptive pressure projection to include viscous fluids.  This lets artists focus on the surface area details to create faster sims or bigger sims that consume less memory.