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Maya rigged FBX's into Houdini Nov. 9, 2020, 4 p.m.

Hi, how do you solved this problem? Exactly the same problem here. The bones are not in a hierarchy, instead the NULLS are, but we cannot apply IK on NULLS.
I didn't. I switched to Blender.

Maya rigged FBX's into Houdini Sept. 9, 2019, 5:25 p.m.

Thanks for the reply Enivob. But still, how would I go and create an IK in Houdini dealing with the null nodes? I mean, the IK should be created on bones (if they are in hierarchy which is not what comes from an imported FBX), and then handled through nulls/control spheres. Hence my question about how you guys deal with that.

Maya rigged FBX's into Houdini Sept. 8, 2019, 4:09 p.m.

Hello, I wonder if someone can help me understand what's best practice for using Maya rigged FBX's. Once imported, the bones show a hierarchical structure where the nulls are actually parented to each other, while the *real* bone nodes are children of the related nulls. In this condition, I found no way to even create an IK chain, because the procedure complains about the bones not being parented to each other. So question is… am I missing something or usually rig has to be redone or heavily rearranged? I mean, there is no way to use an existing FBX as is?

Thanks for any suggestion.