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Quixel Bridge / Houdini Live Link Integration Nov. 22, 2018, 9:18 a.m.

Hi Magnus,

Yes, that did the trick! And nice one on the displacement texture for the scattered objects.

One thing, I'm getting an error on some of my older atlas assets due to the absence of a Opacity texture:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “…/Quixel/MegaScans/support/plugins/houdini/1.8/MSLiveLink/scripts/python\MSLiveLink\”, line 127, in InitializeImporter
File “…/Quixel/MegaScans/support/plugins/houdini/1.8/MSLiveLink/scripts/python\MSLiveLink\”, line 135, in initAssetImport
self.importAtlas( AssetMaps )
File “…/Quixel/MegaScans/support/plugins/houdini/1.8/MSLiveLink/scripts/python\MSLiveLink\”, line 441, in importAtlas
KeyError: ‘opacity’

The import creates the top node, but fails to create the rest in this case. Some of my old assets don't seem have an Opacity map.



Quixel Bridge / Houdini Live Link Integration Nov. 22, 2018, 6:02 a.m.

Hi Magnus,

Looking at the teaser video, and your webinar, it looks like there's a change made in the scattering workflow?
In the teaser video there's a checkbox for ‘density’ in the simple_scattering node, that is not there in the node after importing an asset.

I tried to just paint some strokes on a grid and scatter a mushroom set on those strokes, but failing as I cannot seem to link my painted ‘density’ attribute to the simple_scattering node.

Any chance on some simple demo scenes, and a bit more info on how the system is set up node wise. It would help a lot understanding the mechanics of things.



Terrain Mesh Rop issues Nov. 13, 2018, 6:41 a.m.

Running into the similar issues here.

Just trying to walk myself through the workflow&nodes, but I cannot export a FBX mesh, or render textures for that matter.

Getting an error on FBX export:
hou.ObjNode of type geo at /obj/terrain_valley/sop_terrain_segment_rop1/OUT_GEO/TerrainExport/Segment_1, hou.ObjNode of type geo at /obj/terrain_valley/sop_terrain_segment_rop1/OUT_GEO/TerrainExport/Segment_2, hou.ObjNode of type geo at /obj/terrain_valley/sop_terrain_segment_rop1/OUT_GEO/TerrainExport/Segment_3, hou.ObjNode of type geo at /obj/terrain_valley/sop_terrain_segment_rop1/OUT_GEO/TerrainExport/Segment_4.

Edit: just realized I cannot export FBX in Apprentice….

And no error on texture baking, just the baking popup showing it is rendering something.

Houdini 17.0.381 (Apprentice) & GameTools v.1.72

Basic test:
Open Houdini, get a basic terrain from the shelf, add both the terrain_segment and terrain_texture node. Try to export render some textures.

Edit: There seems to be a restriction on the renderable size of textures in Apprentice. Not sure what size I can render though…