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Houdini Engine for Unreal - Version 2 March 31, 2020, 6:45 p.m.

Yeah, would be nice to know if it's on track (well, clearly not for the March part of the estimate), though would be great to hear an update with revised estimates.

Thank you all for your kind patience with the upcoming V2 plugin. We know you have been waiting for it eagerly for quite some time.

It has been a longer road than anticipated: some urgent Houdini priorities in early 2019, unexpected UE4 issues we had to work around, other matters inherent to the software process, plus the time it took to staff up with great people (our UE4 team has doubled since last year). These reasons have contributed to the stretched timeline, but I’m happy to say that we are finally only a couple of weeks away from Alpha.

Our framework and feature goals for the initial release of V2 are largely in place, with a few expected to trickle in throughout Alpha. As you likely know, this has been a complete rewrite, driven by your requests. Hopefully you will recognize many of your RFEs in this initial V2 release, with many to follow. R&D are 100% focused on the project and responding fast to the feedback coming from internal testing. Your turn is coming shortly.

As to milestones, our aim is to stay reasonably in sync with our next Houdini release: Beta in early Q3 and Release in Q4. The only reason I state the targets this broadly is that we need to do more testing before we can reliably assess the stability and feature readiness of the software. As you can imagine, it’s been a lot of heads down in R&D until now, but in the next few weeks the landing strip will become much more clear.

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Head of R&D

More info about Karma? Sept. 5, 2019, 7:54 p.m.

just want to state if karma is excluded from indie this user will be very disappointed, perhaps an indie karma license if they don't want to include directly into indie? I won't be able to use if only available to fx user.

Karma will be available to everyone: commercial, indie and apprentice. This was always the case; never intended or stated or implied otherwise.

Cristin Barghiel
Head of R&D

Exporting Houdini scene to WebGL/three.js Aug. 20, 2018, 6:44 p.m.


Check out []. This python script exports the current scene in houdini to a json description file…

Wow, I didn't expect that Houdini would have no way to export a full scene! I have written a full glTF exporter before, but I'm hoping not to have to do it for Houdini; it's a good chunk of work. And when/if SideFX does implement glTF export that work would be wasted.

At this point I've tried fbx and Alembic, and neither one exports even basic principledshader or textures. Are there other 3rd party exporters?
How do people use Houdini to develop assets for games? Just use it for geometry (exporting obj) and recreate all materials and textures in some other software?

Maybe my comment earlier was a little too subtle. If you can wait a bit, you won’t have to write it for Houdini.

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