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best way to copy nodes to a new name with python? Nov. 19, 2017, 12:01 p.m.

I'm confused, and surely can't see the .copy() function right in front of my nose…

I need to copy net1/A to net2/B - all I found was copyItems and the like, which allow you to copy groups of objects BUT keeping the same names until you eventually rename them later. I don't want to do that and rename afterward. I want to copy a node by giving it a new name to start with, because nodes with the same source name my already exist and shouldn't be overritten.

I can copy into a temp subnet, rename, then copy to the destination - but it seems to me there ought to be a simple mynet2node.copyItem('/obj/net1/A',name='newname')… could someone point it out for me?


Houdini 16.5 Engine to UE4 4.18 - how to [re]install ? Nov. 19, 2017, 11:52 a.m.

If you run the install for Houdini 16.5 on Windows you should be given the option to install the plugin for Unreal 4.18, so I suggest you delete the HoudiniEngine folder in your UE install - Engine/Plugins/Runtime and then run the Houdini installer again.

that's what I thought, and what I was hoping by installing 16.5 AFTER I had installed UE4.18 - but it offered to install for 4.15 only. Maybe my hacking (copying the plugin from 15 to 18) got it confused. I'll try again after removing the folder, but at the end of the day so I don't loose licenses on Sunday morning (that's what happened last time I installed). thanks I'll let you know!

Houdini 16.5 Engine to UE4 4.18 - how to [re]install ? Nov. 18, 2017, 3:30 p.m.

Hi, I may have screwed this up after I downloaded UE 4.18 and tried to manually copy the Houdini engine plugin from 4.15 to 4.18, before trying a reintall of Houdini (to see if it would install in UE 4.15 or pick up the latest version) but now I'm stuck…

“Plugin ‘HoudiniEngine’ failed to load because module ‘HoudiniEngineRuntime’ could not be found. Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project.”

When I got this message in 4.18 (which btw no longer opens because of this), I downloaded the latest Houdini Indie 16.5 and installed it. In the install it said it would install the engine plugin for 4.15 - and in fact, it's available for that version - it already was with indie 16.0. So 4.15 works.

My question is: how do I get the Engine plugin to install for 4.18?
And if that's not available, how do I disable the plugin in 4.18 so at least I can open that version of UE?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!