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How to understand "Tendon Mass Density Scale"? April 30, 2024, 3:48 p.m.

BTW: Can I use muscle paint node before muscle properties? Do I need the muscle constraint properties vellum initialize all the constraints first?

Best to add MusclePaint at the end. Otherwise the nodes can overwrite the same attributes.

best workflow for working with slow TissueSolverVellum April 30, 2024, 2:22 a.m.

The biggest improvement in speed will come from reducing the heft of the Internal Geometry. Fewer points/prims will result in faster collision detection and sliding.
You can reduce the pointcount on the animated bones substantially and not lose much at all. It would help speed up your muscle sim as well. The muscle sim could be lower rez also, but you may want or need them to be higher rez for quality reasons. (I personally go as low rez as I can since muscles get buried deep below the skin anyway). In that case, use a PolyReduce with a PointDeform to down-rez post sim.

I also reshaped your core surface geo to something that I think will give you better results. ie a little more space for tissue action.

best workflow for working with slow TissueSolverVellum April 30, 2024, midnight

I'm curious. Do we need a core layer and surface or could we get away with just having a tissue tet/surface riding on the muscle sim

If you use the TissueSolver, then yeah, you have to use that setup.
(...But that's not 100% true. So long as you understand the relationships I just outlined above, you can break rules accordingly. For instance, the TissueSolver will still work technically if you blast the core and core surface upstream from the solver. But the muscle and bone attachment will be strictly coming from the surface triangles.)

The SkinSolver on the other hand is intended to work more like the outermost layer of tissue.
I have tried a Skinsolver directly over Frankenmuscles and it worked out pretty well.