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Fluid from ALEMBIC object very slow March 9, 2016, 7:49 p.m.

it appears it is slow overall…

I brought in the geometry with no animation, it was a little heavy…14,000 poly's…I plugged in a poly reduce node and reduced it to about 2000 poly's…

Still takes forever to cook…..

Is there a better way to emit fluid then using the SDF? as thats what seems to take so long cooking.

I am still a houdini newb, but I assume the SDF is generating a volume….but all i really need is particles emitting from the surface. Maybe the SDF is overkill?

The problem is, loosing the network generated from the shelf tools if I have to do it manually

Fluid from ALEMBIC object very slow March 4, 2016, 5:49 p.m.

I am importing an alembic animated character and wanted to emit fluid from the character.

The process is insanely slow….it cooks for at least 10 minutes per frame on a very low rez sim with a medium rez object (maybe 2000 poly's)

playing around with the alembic file, I see Houdini can generate an SDF from the alembic file in near realtime so I am wondering…what is taking so long to cook in this sim…is alembic perhaps not the best format? I have tried importing it on the alembic node as houdini geometry, but it didnt seem to help.

This is using the shelf tool for emit from object…which is great, but hard to diagnose the problem in the network when you are a beginner

How to use realflow mesh export SOP Feb. 20, 2016, 4:34 p.m.

I am trying to import Houdini generated fluid meshes into Lightwave…

The best method I can tell is the Realflow plugins (LW does not accept the generated alembic files)

What I have tried so far, is creating a RF Mesh Exporter ROP….and pointing to the particle fluid surface SOP node. Inside the particle fluid surface node only the convert to setting of surface polygons seems to somewhat work. Compressed fluid Surfaces messes up triangulation (points are in the right place but polygons are a mess) and Surface VDB exports nothing…
Also I have had better success with transfer attributes unchecked.

Inside LW, I can kinda get it to work….usually have to import twice and it will eventually crash after 10 seconds of scrubbing citing ‘RF importer format error’

This RF mesh export is totally undocumented….I have found some plugin docs for an older version that did not even have the RF mesh exporter.

So my question is…does anyone know how this is supposed to work?
I have kinda got it figured with very limited Houdini knowledge…but I dont know if this was even designed for native Houdini fluids….or if this was meant to export RF meshes created with the RF mesher plugin SOP's in houdini.