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equal edge distance approach for procedural windows Sept. 25, 2019, 2:55 a.m.

Hi there, i've made a simple procedural asset, in order to turn something like a grid into windows and frames, which is of quardrilateral type and i convert it to nurbs, the problem is that if the segments of the grid are not evenly distributed, the result would not have equal frame size either , is there any formula or approatch to make the input object segements a equal distance to each other? Thanks

volume rendering issue May 21, 2018, 5:01 p.m.

i this problem is related two things
1 - add noise to temperature or heat in your shader of pyro you can test it by multy method in your noise.
2 - your simulation and voxel size.

smoke separation May 14, 2018, 7:47 a.m.

hi sadjad rabiee thank you very much
I studying part 2 of your answer. and it guidance me to one project for houdini in help. but this change my mind for dynamics.
Sadjad Rabiee

I think it's not good idea to work with two different container (Smoke Objetc) in just one PyroSolver .
in this case your source data will copy on both and also if these smoke objects have different size/voxel you should have some artifact in final sim.

I don't know is there any better solution or not ,But maybe one of them is using two different Pyro Solver network beside each other and then share vel data between them.
to copy vel field from one pyro sim to another one you can easily use Copy Data Solver. Of course you need to do some more tweak in your networks .
for example adding one more vector field which can be use as a imported velocity field and also using Gas Filed VOP to add this temporary vel field to the main vel field.
I this method you will probably need to divide imported vel field with some larger number before adding it to the main vel.(to prevent fast motion of two pyro which caused by adding different vel on each steps)

However working with different solvers in same dynamic network is so complicated.
If you are just looking for a solutation to seperete your smokes for shading ,Maybe you can advect a Mask field in your simulation and then use this to make a blend between twi different shaders.(Somthing like advecting Cd in the pyro)

So you just need one pyro solver and one Smoke Object.