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Export DOP animation of MANY objects -> to CHOP Sept. 11, 2007, 3:44 a.m.

You can use wildcards in the path parameter of the Export CHOP. Or, you can even use the @ syntax to specify a group of them.

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Thanks you for answer, edward I try this today.
- - -
In earler maya works i make “bake keys” for dynamics. Then i optimise scene animation with simplification animation curves. This way give me really lightweight scene animation, without file-cache references. I try find analog of this tool in houdini. houdini give nice work with dynamics file cache, but when cache is really big and link to many objects, work is too slow.
I try today use some expressions with this wildcards.
Thanks you.

Export DOP animation of MANY objects -> to CHOP Sept. 7, 2007, 11:50 a.m.

hmm.. some details

1. export from DOP to CHOP is ok. I have the problem with export transform data from CHOP “export” to All* groups* separately*

i can export from CHOP, but to Only* One* group, or object.

When i animate source groups by “DOP import” SOP, all animated ok, but i have too big *.sim data cache on disk. Very slow reading. I think, i can use animation channels in this scene, and this way give me more speed.

How i can translate exported t? r? p? channels to 300 separated groups?

Somebody has a decision of this problem?

Big thanks for any help..

Export DOP animation of MANY objects -> to CHOP Sept. 7, 2007, 7:02 a.m.


1. I have DOP network with 300 animated objects.( Fractured object animation - 300 groups ).

2. With DOP File node i cache this, but all really slow.

3. I need Export DOP data to CHOP, and use keyframed animation, instead “File” cache.

I know one export way:
CHOP “Dynamics” node, then CHOP “export” node, node path and “t? r?” path. This good for one or 10 objects. For 300 objects is long as hell time for hand job.

Can somebody give me some advice, how i can export 300 animation channels imported from DOP to geometry ?

I think, i need some expression for this. In “extended information” table from “CHOP export” node i see:

gr_0:tx H,H 0 to 0 ( 0) /obj/geo2/tx
gr_0:ty H,H 0 to 0 ( 0) /obj/geo2/ty
gr_0:tz H,H 0 to 0 ( 0) /obj/geo2/tz
gr_0:rx H,H 0 to 0 ( 0) /obj/geo2/rx
gr_0:ry H,H 0 to 0 ( 0) /obj/geo2/ry
gr_0:rz H,H 0 to 0 ( 0) /obj/geo2/rz
gr_1:tx H,H 0 to 0 ( 0)
gr_1:ty H,H 0 to 0 ( 0)
gr_1:tz H,H 0 to 0 ( 0)
gr_1:rx H,H 0 to 0 ( 0)
gr_1:ry H,H 0 to 0 ( 0)
gr_1:rz H,H 0 to 0 ( 0)
We see export only ONE channel on only ONE object
I need export every channels to every geometry group…

Help pLease.

H9 Non commercial build 711 on Win XP SP2.