In this video we're going to smack a crowd of zombies with a giant ball using the rag dolls and the Bullet solver for crowds inside Houdini. First we put down a mocapbiped 1, click on Bake Agent tool, then Collision Layer, Configure Joints, Populate and finally Simulate to generate a crowd of agents. Once we have a crowd and ground plane set up, we're going to make a sphere and turn it into an RBD object. Inside the crowd_sim node network, in the Crowd Trigger node, we put the name of our sphere object into the DOP Impact Objects and change type to RBD Inpact Data. After that, within the Crowd State node, we need to change the RBD Ragdoll from Ignore to Animated Static. And finally, we have to change the Input/Output State from zombie to ragdoll. 


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