This is a tutorial about how to generate wet map based on volume and COP network. Compare to traditional workflow, it is much faster and gets a better result.

Usually when people generate the wet map for the objects they have to subdivide the geometry many times and calculate the distance between the object and collision geometry. Every time you subdivide the object you generate 4 times more points, and the points on surface are usually unevenly scatted, so this is a very inflexible and heavy work flow. 

The new workflow I build is much lighter and you can set up the texture size you want. I did a comparison in the video, to get the similar result, my new workflow is almost 9 times faster than the old one.
And since it's a texture sequence, it's also very helpful for game artist to bring them into game engine.
For people want to know how to apply this workflow on object with UDIM tiles, I made a hip file examples for purchase. 



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  • kleer001 1 month, 3 weeks ago  | 

    Without knowing what geometry that's coming out of the copy SOP and ray SOP it's kind of hard to follow along. I tried to make something that made sense to me, but I couldn't get your technique to work. A more step by step minimal setup of the whole process would be more helpful.

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