Auto UVs SOP

Auto UVs have been the missing piece of the procedural modelling workflow, until now. 

With this SOP we introduce 2 different techniques for automatically generating UVs, one based on shortest path and one on clustering. 

You can download this node from the SideFX Games Development Toolset Github Page and as always feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! 


  • SaOk 2 months, 3 weeks ago  | 

    Extreme handy. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Grimwolf 2 months, 3 weeks ago  | 

    Wait, do we have to download a full branch version of Houdini to access this?

    • lkruel 2 months, 3 weeks ago  | 

      It's just a few OTLs, only a few megs, not a whole branch of Houdini.

  • hsolomon 2 months, 2 weeks ago  | 

    All your UV tools and related efforts are awesome Luiz. Thanks a lot for your efforts and God bless you man :). I am glad SideFX is putting some "serious" efforts in to this labor intensive UVing boredom.
    Manual = Maya & other DCCs ( here = means "the way it is").
    Auto(Procedrual Awesomeness) = Houdini ( here = means "SHOULD BE" and "WILL BE").

    As we can see the whole of UVing challenge is to procedurally design the path/seams/serially-connected-edges encompassing low curvature pelts.
    In your work, I would like to see blending in of multiple procedural options/techniques in designing the UV seams. Some times manual("Artistic") is needed and OK too.
    1.Picking two points(manually/procedurally) in the mesh and connecting them with a path travelling on the shortest & highest curvature edges. Our PolyBevel SOP does this. I would like to see the high-curvature edges gleaned out and used in here for complex cases.
    2.Also in the column example I want to see perfect seam running vertically right on the four corners(Say by giving them "geometric Weights") and then other organic based seams say delineating the Vase-base-relief on the column's flat sides can be mixed in.

    sideNOTE: My longtime wish is currently we can workaround by tagging edges as a primitive and do some stuff with it. I wish sideFX makes "Edges" also as first class citizens meaning edges should be given sequence of numbers like points, vertices and Faces and can be sequentially numbered and displayed in the Geometry Spreadsheet with a special tab and also an ecosystem of SOP nodes to manipulate say a series connected Edges as unique curves/Polyline Primitives segments. There would be lot of FX possibilities if we could procedurally generate and manipulate curves.

    I know I have blabbered a lot BUT I hope you should have got the idea after reading this. Thanks again for your efforts in making us sweat less.

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