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This year I was fortunate enough to have five wins during the Mardini challenge. I took two 2nd place, three 3rd place wins, and finished in 10th overall. I decided to make breakdown / tutorials of all of these winning entries, as well as some of my other entries that I enjoyed making. Even if they didn't win. Today I'm starting with my first win for day 14, Ancient from Worlds week.

If you are looking to dive straight into the build and bypass the tutorial, you can purchase the project file with the button above marked "Buy Project File". One thing to note is that I did use my FFX Align To Curve HDA in this build, which is a paid HDA available through Orbolt.

You can grab that here: FFX Align To Curve

You can use a native alternative like Orient To Curve SOP which I do mention in the tutorial and even dropped down next to my node in the project file as well. It will require you though to mess with the native node to try and match mine.



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  • ResilientPictureCompany 4 days, 5 hours ago  | 

    Nice one, Thanks. Just so that you know, "Buy project file" button takes to this very same page.

    • vfxman222 4 days, 5 hours ago  | 

      Thanks, and thanks for the heads up. This is the second time the url has not saved on the button. My Gumroad has the projects and other stuff here:

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