Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 6.0.76 Fixed XCF slider in string fields again. They should now work flawlessly. Wed. October 2, 2002
Houdini 6.0.75 Moving the status bar from the top of the main Houdini window to the bottom, and making the menu bar slightly smaller. Tue. October 1, 2002
Houdini 6.0.75 Changing the font used in Houdini to a more crisp, slightly smaller font. Tue. October 1, 2002
Houdini 6.0.75
  • The new worksheet options (grid/background) are saved with hip file not the desktop.
  • New support for level of quality in the worksheet background image.
  • New support for transparency in the worksheet background image.
Tue. October 1, 2002
Houdini 6.0.75 The Parent, Look At and Follow Path operations no longer allow users to cause an error (by infinite recursion for example) and instead report an error with the name of the obj that caused the error. Tue. October 1, 2002
Houdini 6.0.74 The Paint SOP now has the Accumulate Alpha toggle rather than the Write Alpha toggle. This is to clarify the meaning of this toggle. The toggle now also defaults to off rather than on. Further, the Create Missing Attributes toggle now will only create the alpha attribute if the Accumulate Alpha is turned on. Mon. September 30, 2002
Houdini 6.0.71 While in the Object Transform operation, we now show selected objects differently in the viewer. Fri. September 27, 2002
Houdini 6.0.71 The switch OP now consolidates null inputs. This means if an input is disconnected from it, the ones above it will fill in the missing space. This is usually the intendend behaviour, and as there was no way to rewire the missing input previously, is also a more useful behaviour. The old behaviour can be restored by setting the HOUDINI55_COMPATIBILITY flag.

This affects the switch OP in POP, SOP, COP2, and SHOP. The other switch OPs already behaved in this fashion.

Fri. September 27, 2002
Houdini 6.0.71 On Linux, Houdini will now only attempt to use overlay planes if HOUDINI_OGL_OVERLAY_SUPPORT is set to 1. Fri. September 27, 2002
Houdini 6.0.70 The Object Merge SOP (object_merge) has a new set of parameter names. Files created with the old parameter names will be automatically forward converted when cooked in 6.0. Scripts refering to the names will have to update to the new ones:
  • obj# and sop# for the two components of the sop path are now hidden. If non-empty, they will trigger the autoconversion process.

  • xform is also no longer used, it is converted to the xformpath.
  • numobj is the number of entries in the dynamic UI, ie: the number of objects to merge.
  • enable# is whether each object path will be merged or not.
  • objpath# is the path to the object or sop to merge, either a relative path to this SOP, or a full path from root.
  • xformpath is the path of the object to use for the transform relation. If empty, no transform is done. If it points to a SOP, that SOP's object is used.
Thu. September 26, 2002
Houdini 6.0.70 The Object Merge SOP now uses the dynamic UI. This also means instead of the object/sop menu to select the object, a regular path dialog is given. This gives added flexibility allows simple drag and drop selections.

Old Object Merge SOPs should automatically convert into the new mode. Scripts which refer to the old parameters will have to be updated.

Thu. September 26, 2002
Houdini 6.0.69 Added invert cop. Wed. September 25, 2002
Houdini 6.0.69 Added support for bottom, left and back ortho viewports. Wed. September 25, 2002
Houdini 6.0.68 Adding support for nested menus. Tue. September 24, 2002
Houdini 6.0.68
  • Fixed bug where dotted lines were not being drawn for reference inputs
  • Fixed bug where reference input lines were never drawn in the active color
  • Fixed bug where the dotted lines would ignore the "thick lines" preference
  • We now draw the op names and the links with a drop shadow when a background image is being displayed so that they will be visible against both dark and light backgrounds.
Tue. September 24, 2002
Houdini 6.0.68 The Point SOP now has a Custom tab where you can specify explicitly an attribute to affect. The attribute will not be created (use the AttribCreate for that) but can be changed. Tue. September 24, 2002
Houdini 6.0.68 The grid parameters in the worksheet are now saved with the desktop. Tue. September 24, 2002
Houdini 6.0.67 Fixed a bug in IGES import that would sometimes cause a crash if the spline being imported isn't valid in Houdini (e.g. has too high an order). Mon. September 23, 2002
Houdini 6.0.67 The worksheet display options have grown to Network Editor Display Options. They now include display options for both the worksheet and the oplist viewers. The ctrl-right menus for worksheets and oplists are significantly smaller now. Mon. September 23, 2002
Houdini 6.0.64 The Transform SOP (xform) no longer has the Pivot about Group Centroid option. Old transform sops will be automatically converted to using the ($GCX, $GCY, $GCZ) expressions in its Pivot parameter the first time it cooks. Fri. September 20, 2002
Houdini 6.0.64 Fixed bug in the Capture/CaptureProximity SOPs that could crash if they encountered a bone more than once when traversing the object hierachy. For example, this situation could happen if bone1 outputs twice into a blend object and the blend object outputs into bone2. Fri. September 20, 2002
Houdini 6.0.64 The Add SOP now has dynamic UI. This means an arbitrary number of points, or an arbitrary number of primitive description lists can be specified. The default is still 25 and 6. Fri. September 20, 2002
Houdini 6.0.64 With the addition of dynamic UI, the Add SOP no longer supports the local variables $PT# as you can have an arbitrary number of added points, but not local variables.

The parameters "points" and "prims" have been added which govern the number of points or primitives to have in the UI.

The number of points and primitive fields now defaults to 1 rather than 25 and 6 respectively. Old files should generate the required number of parms automatically.

Fri. September 20, 2002
Houdini 6.0.64 Fixing a problem where the '/etc/init.d/sesinetd stop' script would attempt to shut down the license server on a different machine if hserver was using a different machine as the license server. Fri. September 20, 2002
Houdini 6.0.64 When manually placing background images in the viewport, a negative scale can now be entered to properly flip the image. Fri. September 20, 2002