FMX 2018 Presentations

Posted May 08, 2018

Houdini Day at FMX 2018 in Stuttgart was full of inspiring and educational presentations. Standing room only audiences learned all about Houdini - from industry professionals, as well as SideFX's own Jeff “Old School” Wagner. Check out how Houdini was used to build creative for film, advertising and game projects.

Procedural Title Sequence | Simon Holmedal

Simon walks through his workflow when designing abstract effects for motion graphics using Houdini as his primary weapon of choice - from early development and RND to final production. He also goes through the development of the title sequence he did for “Us by night” and a few other projects that he worked on during his 8 years at ManvsMachine.

All Your Clones Are Belong To Us! | Entagma

Motion Design and Advertising are strange places. In between clients claiming they "don't like the reflections, but the reflex is nice!" and directors wanting to discuss the best techniques to mold a cheetah's head, you have to figure out technically sound solutions to artists' problems while keeping them usable and accessible. In this talk, Entagma's Manuel And Moritz present the techniques they've been implementing since deciding to use Houdini as their go to tool for advanced motion graphics projects. They brought anecdotes, behind the scenes info, infamous hacks and other surprises.

The Five Elements of VFX | Water

This session - presented by SideFX's Jeff Wagner at FMX 2018 - is all about working with water inside Houdini. Learn about many different ways you can use to make, shape and bend water entirely in Houdini. Make water conform to deforming shapes, creating directed stormy oceans, calm water with ripples, dripping water, water with variable viscosity, bubbles inside water and more.

Many of the setups begin with off-the-shelf tools, and then use latest methods for working with large and small flip simulations including surfacing techniques for the various cases. As with FLIP in Houdini 16.5, the scale of the simulation needs to be carefully managed to ensure good results.

Five Go Riot | Electric Theatre Collective

Dean Robinson and Simon French from Electric Theatre Collective present work from two of 2017’s most creative and challenging fully CG projects - Pentakill “Mortal Reminder” and GWR “Five go on a Great Western Adventure”

Audi Pure Imagination | The Mill

Over the course of six months, a team of Mill artists worked to realize the vision of cult director GMUNK and his brief. The task was to visualize the way an artificial intelligence might perceive, conceive and create a car for Audi. Mill Deputy Head of 3D, Alex Hammond and Mill 3D Artist, Dan Yargici, take you on a journey through their process which leveraged the power of SideFX Houdini. The process helped to create lucid images of a surreal dreamscape driven by an even more surreal brief.

Custom Shading in Game Trailers | AXIS

Sergio Caires of Axis Studios takes you through the evolution of the subsurface scatter shader over the years at Axis.


  • harryabreu 8 months, 2 weeks ago  | 

    SideFX and all studios and artists my sincere thank you for your effort an show to us so much possibilities in Houdini.
    Now I have a lot of arguments to teach Houdini in Brazil and give to my students a new horizon to look with this amazing software.
    Let's go Procedural.
    Let's make character Animation too.
    Let's make people dream again :-)

  • Fractal_By_Nature 8 months, 2 weeks ago  | 

    I can't believe what I've just watched...this is ginormously awesome! Graphic wizardry would be an understatement.

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