Lost licenses

Sometimes the license file may get deleted, the disk may get reformatted, or the operating system may get reinstalled. In such cases, the license keys will be removed from the computer and you will need to obtain them again by following one of the methods below:


You can just download the software and install. You will be prompted to install non-commercial licenses when you start Houdini.

Indie and Commercial

  1. Start the License Administrator
  2. Choose File -> Install Licenses... and log in
  3. In the dialog window go to the "Licenses" tab
  4. Select the checkboxes for the licenses that you want to reinstall (this table lists all the missing non-expired licenses that match your computer name)
  5. Select the checkbox to reinstall the SERVER key as well (just in case it is missing too)
  6. Press install button

This should reinstall the selected licenses on your computer.

If the License Administrator runs on a computer with no Internet connection, you will need to reinstall the license keys manually:

  1. Log into http://license.sidefx.com with your username/password combination used for licensing
  2. Go to Manage Licenses and search for the machine that needs the license. Look your license history for every machine that has a license installation. Notice that each License ID (first column on the left hand side) contains a link.
  3. Click on the License ID to bring up a pop-up window, containing the keystrings
  4. Start the License Administrator and go to File->Manually Enter Keys. Copy and paste each keystring for the machine. Enter each keystring one line at a time. Note that you only need 1 SERVER keystring per machine. A keystring will begin with: SERVER, LICENSE, EXTEND, UPGRADE or INCREMENT.

Another manual way to rebuild your licenses file is to copy and paste the keystrings into a file called licenses, then install this file onto the machine.

Location of the licenses file

  • Windows: C:\Windows\keys\licenses
  • Linux: /usr/lib/sesi/licenses
  • Mac: /Library/Preferences/sesi/licenses

Make sure that you don't append any extensions to the filename (eg. .txt or .doc).

Please contact SideFX support support@sidefx.com