Path created for nodes in the Tab Menu is not used

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I've been creating categories and sub categories for my assets to have a clear and organised Tab Menu. But this seems to be disregarded.
Instead they appear in the “Uninstalled assets” menu.
Is this correct?
Do I need to do something in order to place them properly in the menu?
Do we have to follow certain guidelines for organizing the assets in the menu?


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RE Q#50969:
“The shelf tool for the HDA should appear in the Tab menu within a submenu defined in Context folder of in the shelf tool editor. So it does not seem correct that it shows up under ”Uninstalled assets“.

Actually, it looks like some asset store processing that is going on, since ”Uninstalled assets“ seem to indicate the installation/uninstallation of assets from the store.

When I create my own HDA foo, then go to the Tools > Context folder and type My Submenu in the Tab Submenu Path, it does appear in that submenu.”

I have noticed that user pusat has it working in his assets, perhaps he'd care to comment?
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I also do the exact thing compositor has mentioned, that's setting my Tab menu using Type Properties > Tools > Context > TAB Submenu Path.

Before I downloaded my asset from the store to test and it did appear in the category I specified.

Although when I downloaded other people's assets, they also appear in Uninstalled Assets category after some time.

So maybe this only works if the category already exists? Since mine does because of my other assets using the same category.
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