Flip Fluids in Houdini 12

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I am going to start posting links to my tutorials here, together with the project files. I know some people can access this forum, but not google sites or vimeo, so at least this way they will get the files.

This tutorial isn't really an introduction to Flip fluids - the Masterclass on this website already gives a brilliant introduction, but this video does look at some of the new workflows in H12.

The tutorial is at Vimeo http://vimeo.com/55764137 [vimeo.com]
This is the first part - there are two other parts which you can find on Vimeo - for example by going to the tutorial channel through the link below.

I attach the scene file.


PQHoudini Tutorial http://vimeo.com/channels/5410 [vimeo.com]

Flip_12_Houdini_12.zip (2.9 MB)

Peter Quint
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