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Hi new to Houdini (testing 12.0.557)
Very first test
I created a camera in center zero. Bizarre behavior results. {see attachment}

second test
I create a simple polygon curve with four points. Strange result again. {See attachment}

:shock: :roll:

Seems that it can't draw a line properly.

My noobie question is therefore WTF?

Basically since it crashed every time I extruded a text object (and tried to bevel it) I noted somewhere that it said you should define the curve for beveling but it seems unable to do that unless you use freehand, so I thought I should ask why this program (in Version 12?) has problems with the most basic concept of drawing a line?
I the case of cameras (and lights too) since it's only representational I thought “well no matter”, but now I need to draw a curve to keep it from crashing it can't… no wonder it's crashing I suppose something with the GPU driver (latest and pretty advanced card/system), that's going horribly wrong (at minimum but it's entirely unusable for me).
Please advise?

HoudiniCurve_Glitch.JPG (94.4 KB)
HoudiniCamera_Glitch.JPG (89.9 KB)

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Something might be broke in your end (video card driver maybe?!?)
Both case scenarios look as they should here!

Anyway, angry comments will get you nowhere…


curve_points.png (367.3 KB)
cakmera.png (267.9 KB)

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it seems if you change the preference of the 3D Viewport to H11 it looks and therefore works as expected.
All other GL settings there fail in the same way.
Speccy says
512MB GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+
Driver version is

My thoughts to the devteam is this…
A initial test procedure should appear on first start up.
Do you see a match between this proper looking image and this GL mess your incompatible graphics card generated? Answer No. Then goto other lesser mode try again. Give solution. Buy yet another top of the line NVidia Graphics card for X benefits, and/or thank you we would like to send ourselves your graphic spec info for enhancing our compatibility. May we?
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