Please suport openNURBS .3dm format Side FX

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The nurbs import is very hit and miss with Houdini

Houdini does not have standard format of iges. eg 143

99.9% Of All CAD Software can import and export .3dm

Many of us use CAD software would be HUGE benefit for us all if we had

standard Nurb Format for Houdini.

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i cannot stress this enough its so badly needed.
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there is also a possibility of the CAD Kernel?
it will cost some bucks (okey it's depending of the suppliere price range: $$ -> $$$$$$$$$$ :-)) but you get much more then just a importer for that. CAD Modeling in houdini would be impressiv.

opencascade is also there but the api is not a pleasure or it just hated me. :-/
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