Houdini fur to softimage workflow

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I figured to try and get some tips here in SI language
Recently I had an project where I had hair done in maya applied to alembic from softimage for animation and then exported as redshift proxy for rendering back to my softimage scene.
I would liek to try something like that with Houdini as well.
Did some tests fir fur and progressing on that field but missing couple details and wanted to try and fill some holes here, so here it is:

1. could someone share short version work flow of sending character mesh and animation into houdini for fur works?
In my limited knowledge I seen that you can select mesh and then deforming animated mesh and work like that.
But is there a way to have 1st mesh to do all the fur work and look dev part.
Once that is done you can later add animated mesh, alembic or something and then apply that fur to that mesh for simulations and then export later on? All in couple short steps what would be your clean workflow for getting character model to Houdini, doing all the lookdev for fur, adding animation later and then simulation and exporting using redshift proxy for rendering back in softimage.

2. I was trying to follow that older intro to fur for houdini 15 but got stuck at start as in one example it shows how you select polygons on object and create fur on them, same as you would do in SI, BUT in this case after selecting polygons and pressing add fur it just deselect polygons and goes into mesh selection. Whats up on that?

I'm sure I'm gonna run into bunch more stuff starting slowly…
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