Surface Tension - Multiple Flip Solvers?

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I am trying to simulate a water droplet falling into a flip tank.

The Water Droplet has surface tension set to 48000 while I would like the flip tank to be set to 48.

How do I simulate the fluid with one Flip Solver that has different surface tension settings?

Can I combine 2 flip solvers?

Thanks in advance.
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Surface tension is applied through a field named “surfacepressure”. You can manually modify this field through the “Volume Velocity” input in the flipsolver.

For example, you could set an attribute on the particles to represent surface tension. Then use Gas Particle to Field to bring it into a field context and then scale the surfacepressure field by this newly created field. This will give the droplet and the tank different surface tension strengths. However once your droplet collides with the water in the tank, you will end up with a strange blend of surface tension strengths.

Hope that helps,
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