Rop_Games_Baker - Rendering error

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I am playing around with the Game Dev tools, but I got stuck at the Baker.
I tried both with:
Pig head (High poly)+ polyreduce for Low poly version
Sphere (polygon mesh)with added uvs.
Example texture destination: $JOB/Desktop/pig/render/pig.tiff .
I tried with 2048, 1024, 516 and 258 resolution settings.

Everytime I get this error

Error rendering child: /out/rop_games_baker1/baketexture

I am on houdini apprentice 15. 16.5.268
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There's 2 things that could be causing problems. The first is the polyreduce can produce bad uv's. This has been fixed in 16.5 so you should be fine there. The other thing is that you could be hitting the apprentice image resolution limit. If you unlock the games baker by right clicking on the node and choosing “Allow Editing Of Contents”, change the resolution of the baketexture node to 512 x 512
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For what it's worth, baking with apprentice will be problematic and you'll get an watermark.
Luiz Kruel
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Hi Luiz,

Are there any rendering resolution restrictions under the Indie operating mode ? I had trouble rendering above 1k or 2k
even though I had 8k selected. Can you confirm ?

Matt Hermans
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I am also getting “Error Rendering Child” using the Games Baker ROP from Stable/1.4 and Development/1.4 in 16.5. I am using Houdini Indie and haven't had this issue with previous versions.

Is there a solution to this?

EDIT: The workaround seems to be to go back to baketexture::3.0, which works fine.
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