Temporally Coherent Convex Decomposition [PLUGIN]

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Collision detection for physics / ray tracing for arbitrary meshes is slow, unless they are pre-processed as SDF or decomposed into convex parts. However, there was no suitable solution for animated meshes until now

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihaBIAjh5_s [www.youtube.com]

We are developing a Houdini plugin for approximate decomposition of the animated mesh into non-rigid convex parts. Animations were pre-processed (trained) in 30s - 4min (it could be more for more detailed animations). The approximation error can be chosen afterwards interactively (0-2s). The method is robust to topologically incoherent meshes (degenerate triangles, open meshes, self-intersections, etc), which commonly happened in all these animations.
The model can be trained for one video (or a set of videos) and evaluated on another, if vertices correspond to each other (for example a rigged character for a game or a movie).

Evaluation runs in real-time. We originally developed it for our fluid solver ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55rsJI11FOA [www.youtube.com] - a Houdini plugin under progress), but there are many applications, such as ray tracing. If you have any other application in mind, please let us know.
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This is great I'd use it all the time for collisions, shadows & emitters.

Also… get Alembic & bgeo (+VDB) i/o into your fluid software, add accurate real-time cloth/viscera and you're set for life I reckon.
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