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Is there a way to change the default keys for navigation? I'm willing to learn everything else about Houdini but I have my navigation consistent among the apps I use (Cinema 4D, Modo) and I'd like to be able to carry that over in Houdini if possible. If not possible, that would ridiculous as the app seems so powerful.

I would like to change it to:

Pan: Alt + Shift + LMB
Zoom: Alt + Ctrl + LMB
Rotate: Alt + LMB (already by default)

Is this possible? How?

I'm happy to dig into some files to hack it together if necessary.

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I agree with this… I've been learning Houdini for a few months now, coming from a C4D background. Whilst I've really been loving Houdini, the one thing I haven't managed to get comfortable with is the navigation arrangement … Something I really don't want to happen is that I eventually get put off because I can't get comfortable with the navigation.

… I use a Wacom and it seems the only way I can set up the middle and right click to work for navigation is to put them on the stylus side buttons… this works fine and is probably the best setup, except that pressing the side buttons means continuously contorting my wrist and hand into an uncomfortable position which leads to strain. Maybe that sound stupid or excessive, but these are movements one is continuously performing hundreds or even thousands of times a day, every day…

… I've also been working with middle and right click set on the side buttons of the tablet itself which can work, except when you have to press another key at the same time, such as alt, space, shift, ctrl etc. Then it proves a problem.

I wonder if the key combination mentioned by aekorps could theoretically work?
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Hmmm, imo Stylus's buttons + Space bar (as it was said somewhere by someone about something else) > killer-combo.
When I read aekorps's question - thought - how nice that Houdini works mainly not through Alt for navigation as it's popular in many other applications.
Also always wondered/ wonder why Wacom doesn't create tablet version without ring and buttons on it imo they are not needed at all, maybe only for cintiq e.g., not sure though too.
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