GTX 970 to Radeon Pro WX 7100

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Hi Guys and Gals;

I have been very happy with GTX 970 altough its controversial 3.5GB Vram is bottlenecking me. I have been doing some research and WX 7100 with 8GB Ram and some of the benchmark I have seen looks very promising, but ofcourse there are zero information about the Houdini Performance and Usability part.

How ready is Houdini integration for radeonPro drivers. Any viewport selection issues , objects getting syuck in viewports, any ghosting, glitching?

I am quiet confident if things are working , performance will be fine, but iif there are any feedback, I would be very happy too.

Last and least, any issues on linux or windows with openCL etc.

All the feedback is welcome,

Thankx in advance
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It's pretty stable. I've been using a W8000 on Windows 10 with the latest drivers without issue, and it crunches large scenes quite well (unsure of compute). However, stuck viewport geometry is not a driver problem, it's a general Houdini issue - doesn't matter which GPU you're running.
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