remeshing large quantity of spheres (whitewater)

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Hi - I am a Houdini nubie and looking for some help.
My workflow is to generate fluid dynamics in houdini and then export as alembic and work in c4d with them.

Currently I have a scene with some fluids using a DOP network - I have successfully meshed and rendered alembic for the water body. I have also simulated points for the whitewater and now I am trying to export this whitewater as an alembic mesh. This is because I will be eventually rendering in vray and vdb is unstable currently with vray for c4d.

So my solution has been to copy the white water particles to spheres. Using a copy node.

This does work, however the resulting alembic file is prohibitively big because the individual spheres exist as separated geometry. Is it possible to remesh multiple spheres into one lower poly mesh - similar to how the main water body is meshed? In C4D we might use metaballs or something similar, would this work in a houdini workflow?

Many thanks

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You could use vdb from particles, and then convert vdb to create a meshed version of the particles. However, it might not look as good as individual closed meshes when rendered.
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