creating multipl file imports in an asset

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so at the moment to generate me house in Houdini i'm using a file node and

$HIP/modules/`points(“../locate”, 0, “type”)`/`points(“../locate”, 0, “type”)`_`points(“../locate”, 0, “name”)`_`points(“../locate”, 0, “variation”)`.obj

how would i go about doing this so the asset will work in unreal

opdefNetwork_type/asset_name?section_name wont work for this as i need to make a random section
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If you're using File nodes, I don't recommend on using paths starting with $HIP, as Houdini and UE4 will certainly have different values for those.

Instead, you could be using a “Modules Folder Path” parameter that you expose on your HDAs params, and have it point to the modules folder you're using to read the file.
You can set its default value to $HIP/modules to have it work in Houdini, and change it in Unreal so that the path is valid.
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