Upcoming Webinar: Jeff Wagner's Top 10 Features of H17 Banshee

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Upcoming Illume Webinar - Jeff Wagner's Top 10 Features of H17 Banshee - Wed, Oct 24. Register here: https://sidefx.co/2Ai7BmQ [sidefx.co]

Houdini 17 brings a vast set of new and improved features. The big ones are Vellum, Bullet and Fracturing and a new Whitewater Solver.

But it's the ‘smaller’ features that makes this release a stellar one for TDs and TAs. You won't find Vellum on this Top 10 list, nor Bullet and Whitewater …because they are so obvious and tend to suck all the oxygen out of the room. You WILL see the smaller features that prop these features up. The dirty bits so to speak! The ones that can slip under the radar that make a world of difference once you know them.

In the first half of the webinar we'll go through the top 10, and in the second half we'll do a Q&A on everything Houdini 17 - so bring your best questions!
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