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Hi sorry for getting your time.
I was trying to export id_map from Houdini to Substance Painter with .fbx.
I tried to use material in OBJ level and SOP level.
I tried trying to use color SOP Point and Vertex.
Anything did not working.
Now I have no idea how to export .fbx from Houdini to use in Subustance Painter.
I really tryed to use google but no result make much sense.
It is embarassing because I not figure the solution but any help is welcome.
Thank a lot :-)
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You have this issue just due to fbx or also with obj?
After importing the mesh, did you tried to play around with baking color ID parameters - color sorce?
How your color map looks like after baking?

If you color map looks ok'ish after baking, did you tried to separate color IDs by: masking - color selection - pick color?
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I was also having problems with Designer a few days ago and somehow fixed the problem. I just re-did the whole process with a simple box and it works. Here are some of the steps:

1. checked the attribute spreadsheet for “Cd” in vertex (no need for point)
2. checked that the UVs exist (shortcut: Space+5)
3. used a rop_FBX sop
4. set the fbx sdk version to 2012 (it was a good stable year)
5. set the vertex cache format to to 3ds max compatible
6. exported

…I only have Designer, no Painter but it worked there. I updloaded the box, you might want to test with it. If it's like Designer, there should be an option to use low res as highres.

Good luck!


houdini_to_designer_box.JPG (124.7 KB)
box_vertex_Cd_test.fbx (19.9 KB)

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