Wormhole Content Browser for Houdini

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Hi, there. I'm releasing an “early version” of a tool I've been working on.

The Wormhole Content Browser is a custom UI for Houdini that enables quick browsing, previewing, and importing of content into Houdini.

Some existing features:

  • File browser within a pane tab for easy integration with your desktop.
  • Access browser through parameter context menu to set parameter to a selected file.
  • Easily generate geometry previews using the viewport or mantra.
  • Thumbnails are cached to disk for quick access, especially for previously loaded large images.
  • Import files into SOPs, COPs, or CHOPs.
  • Plus more!

Note: This tool is in development, but the functionality currently provided is complete. I am offering this version for free to get people to bang on it a bit. I will continue to fix bugs and make limited improvements to this version. I am planning on adding more features like improving workflow interactions with Houdini, and tools to search through content in a future version that may not be free.

Here's a link to the gumroad project page: https://gum.co/whbrowser [gum.co]

See attached for basic workflow.


teaser.gif (1.7 MB)

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