How to edit parameter interface of a node to add existing parameters to a "FolderParmTemplate" using houdini python?

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Hi I am trying find a way to edit parameter interface to copy parameters “from node” using houdini python. So far I have found how to to add a int,float and string by using FloatParmTemplate,IntParmTemplate and IntParmTemplate command. But could not find a way to copy parameters which exists in that node to a new folder. Manually I can do it by right clicking on the parameter and click “install parameter” which will copy and move the parameters to the right side section. Any help will be appreciated.

parm_group = node.parmTemplateGroup()
parm_folder = hou.FolderParmTemplate('MyParm', ‘My Parm’)
parm_folder.addParmTemplate( what???????) # For instance If I were to copy the Exposure attribute of the selected light?
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parmtemplate = hou.parm(hou.pwd().path()+“/myParm”).parmTemplate()
parm_folder.addParmTemplate( parmtemplate)

You can do something like that^, I think. (Adjust the myParm part).
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