Blocking/Removing Shadow for clean shadowmatte

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Hey everyone,

I am trying to create a shadow pass for only one object (red torus), but the shadow of that object gets partially blocked by another object (yellow plane).
Is there a way to remove that shadow?

Example setup:

Light from the left.
Grey plane has a shadowmatte material.
Torus and yellow plane are phantom objects.

I want the torus shadow as a separate shadowpass.
Yellow plane should block the shadow of the torus but not cast shadow itself.

This is the result I get:

This is the result I want:

I tried removing the yellow plane from the shadows (Render Visibility: “-shadow”) but then I receive this:

Does anyone have an idea how this could be solved?
Thank you for your time!

HoudiniMatte1.png (283.4 KB)
HoudiniMatte2.png (4.5 KB)
HoudiniMatte3.png (4.2 KB)
HoudiniMatte4.png (5.2 KB)

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Did you find any solution to your problem?
I have the feeling it might be related to what I want to do as well: []

I am wondering if there is any way in VEX to get the id of the occluding object
This could give us a condition to write the shadow or not in the matte
But I did not find anything yet
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