PDG Python Docs - Out of Date?

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Spent a little too long debugging this issue:

I'm adding result data from an upstream workitem to a new workitem I have just created.

The Python reference - https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/tops/pdg/WorkItem.html [www.sidefx.com] - tells me there's a function for this: addResultData(result, tag, checksum, own=True)

So I go ahead and write:
workitem.addResultData(resultData[0], resultData[1], resultData[2], own=False)

To my surprise, this produces a TypeError! It took me far too long going through the error result to finally figure out the issue - given that the resultData I'm feeding in, I'm passing directly from the resultData of a different workitem and is definitely the correct type.

Instead, it seems like the 4-argument version of the function is overloaded and does not actually support being specified with a keyword argument. The correct form is:
workitem.addResultData(resultData[0], resultData[1], resultData[2], False)

Is this a case of the Python reference being out of date, or is this just a peculiarity of the API? I've checked both 17.5.173 and 17.5.347 and the discrepancy exists in both.

On a similar note, I've noticed a few classes/functions that don't seem to be documented at all. For example, if you create a Python Partitioner node and switch to the Partition by Index example, it does this:
# Partition by Index
for work_item in work_items:
    partition_holder.addItemToPartition(work_item, work_item.index)

But I can't find anywhere documentation for the PartitionHolder class, what exactly addItemToPartition is doing, and what other functions I could call on partition_holder, short of literally printing them out through Python and guessing what they do.
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