Fake Smoke ChemTrials

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Hello fellow artist,

Ran into an issue while trying do fake a smoke/chem trail simulation within Houdini.

My emitter source is static and I've emitted particles that are pushed along an axis so it slowly spreads out at the end.

After that, I source the particles using Jeff's technique to fake the overall look without getting into DOPS, it kinda works but it's not quite looking good.

I tried using fluid source to source the density and vel from the particles and fed it into DOP with micro solvers to get the look but when the simulation starts, it's not quite working as well.

Any pointers for this?


Sc01_SmokeTrail_v01.mp4 (3.7 MB)
AirPlane.hip (7.1 MB)

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I commented on your odforce post, check it out!
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