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Hello there,

I'm making a classic Ship Sailing Effects (ocean guided). I'd like to add a custom velocity to the bow of the ship in order for me to have a good turbolence like this:

Through a Volume VOP (please see the hip attached) I created the following velocity:

The shape I had it's what I want (straight velocity to the front and curved ones along the sides of the ship, so they can push the water for having a classic V shape). However, I'd like to invert the value of it: having higher velocity in the center e gradually less on the side. With my solution I have to much velocity on the side and less on the center of the bow. Basically I need the trails to be red (high) at Z=0 and blue (low) at the Max Z bbox.

Furthermore, is my solution right? I blast a part of the bow, scattered it and then use a Volume Rasterize Attributes for creating the velocity.

And, lastly, what kind of operation do I need to use in DOP in Volume Source? Somebody says “Add”, somebody “Pull”. What is the correct way?

I hope you can help me. Any suggestion will be really appreciated.
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Ship_Body.obj (2.6 MB)
Ship_Custom_Velocity.hipnc (3.4 MB)

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