Use geometry to deform other piece of geometry?

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Hi folks,

Please take a look at the image below (.hip also attached)

What i would like to do is drop the sphere down, so that it deforms (dents?) the grid.

So my final result will be just the deformed grid without the sphere. Like a bowling ball pushed into a rubber sheet (minus the ball)

I understand that the deformation will depend on the resolution of my grid!

I know that to achieve this particular result there are easier ways, but i'm interested in this for general modelling techniques. For example, imagine you have a tube, then you use a smaller box to deform it by placing it inside the tube then push it through the tube wall. For example…..

Any suggestions would be gratefully received! ……….. D

image.png (1.2 MB)
grid_deform.hipnc (70.8 KB)

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Check out this thread on cheap collision deform. []
Using Houdini Indie

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