Voronoi fracture causing visual artifacts on geo surface

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Hey all,
This was my first time trying out voronoi fracture and this is the first time I have seen this happen. I first tried it in 18.348, so I figured I would try another version just to see if it made a difference, but the same thing happened in 18.287 as well as 18.351. You can see below what is going on. Everything else has always looked fine, just for some reason voronoi fracture seems to do this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

https://i.imgur.com/gIvoUX1.mp4 [i.imgur.com]

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Disable the Create Interior Surfaces parameter on the voronoi fracture. From the docs [www.sidefx.com]:
Creates faces on the interior of the geometry when performing the cutting. This should typically be disabled when fracturing open surfaces, or to create a thin shell from a solid object.
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