Using custom ROP HDA in other contexts

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Regarding the pattern in Houdini where ROP nodes are available in other contexts for rendering (ROP Geometry Output in SOPs, USD ROP in LOPs, etc.) --

Is there a way to achieve this without using the HDK? i.e. Creating an HDA, either by making a ROP HDA available in LOPs (what I'm interested in), or making a LOP HDA behave like a ROP?

I'm aware I can promote the render buttons off of a ROP inside an HDA to trigger their rendering, but I'd like it instead to really behave like a ROP, so that things like the render() method is available on the node in Python, etc.

Is this possible, or is the HDK my only option?
Brian Silva
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Ha, I'm trying to find this information too. I didn't think about using the HDK for this. Thanks, good to know. Although I'm not sure I want to go this route.

I guess we're out of luck then but let me know if you had any updates on this.

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