Procedural building and making a village(HDA question)

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Hello. I am a new Houdini starter. Nowadays, I am focused on Procedural building generator for UE4. Acutally, I already made a node tree for a medieval building, and make it as HDA. And then, I tried to make a village. So, I copied HDAs in UE4 and made 200 variation buildings.
My question is about optimization of drawcall in UE4.
In one HDA, instance meshes are applied, but is there a way to apply instance meshes together in different HDA? When creating a village, is it the right way to copy HDA individually?
I wonder whether each HDA files are available to share meshes that use same mesh in each HDA or not.

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Hello, very interesting, please post more of it.
Anyway, regarding your question you might found someone that can answer you here []
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