FBX from Houdini to Unreal, then back to Houdini?

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I am shattering and simulating various assets using an HDA, doing VAT. Rather than shatter the same pillars over and over, I want to reuse my shattered meshes for new VAT simulations. If I export the shattered mesh from Unreal I get a different vertex count, and point count in Houdini than it started with in Houdini, and the chunking information is mostly gone. If I import a shattered FBX that came from Unreal and apply an Assemble node, then an ExplodedView, only a few chunks get pulled off.

This may be an Unreal question, but has anybody had luck creating shattered geo in Houdini, importing it into Unreal, then exporting it back out as an FBX?
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