Can one get a vel-field from new volume deform SOP

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Hi there!

A couple months ago I did the Apllied Houdini Volumes 5 lesson and as part of that we're deforming a fog volume procedurally, as to create the look of a stylized tornado without having to run any simulations.
Now, I wanted to use that approach to do a logo animation as a fun exercise for a while and with the new volume deform SOP in H19 I finally tried it.
So far so good.

Now to my actual question:
Is there a way for me to create a vel-field from this procedural effect, so that I can then run an actual smokesim using those velocities?

Im attaching a .hip file that shows my idea and setup using a circle instead of the logo, bc Im unsure if Im allowed to just upload it anywhere I please.


logo_procedural_forum.hiplc (306.9 KB)

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if you v in your pts then you just have to use the volume rasterize attrib. That should do it
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