Controlling the names of groups/pieces returned from TopGeom

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How does one control the names of the groups or piece attributes generated/returned from a TopGeometry node? By default, these names are appended with a number that seems to change every time I cook the topnet, which isn't terribly useful if I want to pick apart the geometry returned by the network.
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The name of the group names/piece attribute values are named off the work item that the geometry came from. The number is part of the name -- it's the work item's unique ID.

In current builds there isn't a way to configure that, but I've added in an extra field to the node that can be used to set a custom name. Those changes are availble in tomorrow's daily builds of H19.5 and H19.0. You can use work item @attribs in the custom name like any other expression on a TOP node. For example, the current default for the group name field is `@pdg_name`. This results in the same behavior as before, but it's now expressed via the parameter instead of hardcoded.
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