Grooming is a challenging task. There are billions of haircuts, and trusting only your references sometimes is not enough. The more you know about hair and hairstyles, the better your results will be.

 Knowing how hairdressers work is crucial if you want your grooming to be realistic, especially if you will simulate the hair.  This tutorial aims to mimic real-world procedures using 3D grooming tools. It's a quick guide where you can find many production tips to speed up your work and keep things well organized.

Using this method, you will easily groom any hairstyle.



  • Anthony_Buckley 2 months ago  | 

    I have saved your page to my bookmarks to completely go through this tutorial again (after a fixated read last night).
    Your work is appreciated, celebrated and persuasive. Your writing style is direct, encouraging and thorough. I am humbled to have this MasterClass shared for free.
    October 1, 2023->Feb 1, Feb 2024...hope to return to this comment section again one day.

    • deniszen 2 months ago  | 

      Hi Anthony,
      Thank you very much for your appreciation! I'm pleased you find it helpful.
      Sharing knowledge is extremely important.


  • deniszen 2 months ago  | 

    Thanks! I'll check it.

    • merlintornaus 1 month, 3 weeks ago  | 

      Dude this is spam, I advise you to delete it

  • fianna 1 month, 3 weeks ago  | 

    Wow - that is a really extensive document you prepared. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Not sure what is the spam, but please don't delete what you posted. Will revisit once some down-time comes. But I just saw this now on the homepage and had to click and see ^_^ Have a good day!

  • __feisar__ 1 month, 1 week ago  | 

    Awesome, awesome tutorial! Very informative and easy to understand! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • lars korb 3 weeks ago  | 

    Thank you for this awesome tutorial. Very good insights and I'll be going through it a few more times.
    There are two nodes that are included with your 'allHere' setup that are unfortunately missing:
    'DViz' and 'smartViz'
    These show up in the network, they have adjustable parameters, but they unfortunately have no contents (and no effect in the graph).
    You made pretty good description for the 'DViz' node, and I'm going to try and recreate it.

    If possible, it would be awesome if you could include those two nodes in the 'allHere' graph

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!


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