The Mesh Sharpen tool sharpens the geometry based on the curvature found on the mesh. It does so by pushing the points on the mesh towards the higher curvature regions, therefore "sharpening" those regions. During this process, some of the volume of the geometry might be lost, but this can be somewhat restored using the smoothing parameters, while keeping the sharpness.



Simon is a tech Artist that loves building procedural tools and assets. By adding more and more procedural approaches to his workflow, he is able to build 3D models with speed and flexibility. During his studies at Digital Arts and Entertainment, he taught himself how to work with Houdini. After his studies, he started working on Ary and the Secret of Seasons at eXiin. Currently he is a Houdini freelancer and focuses on creating procedural content.

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  • Daksina_moorthi 6 months ago  | 

    thank you for the video...

  • patar 6 months ago  | 

    cool just like polish in zbrush

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