What are dependencies?

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Is it still limited to 2 levels? I'm asking because I have somebody being interested in a procedure I have, but it is consisting out of at least 5 level deep nested assets. :?
Was it limited to 2 levels before? If it's just not downloading all levels automatically, it should work to manually download all of the dependencies.

If you were encountering the “OTL COMPILING failed” error uploading an asset, that should hopefully be fixed now.
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Maybe a stupid noob question,
I like to include a simple sub-asset in a HDA…
my main asset creates a staircase and in various steps
I like to create railways (the sub asset)
are there any tutorials how to create the sub assets?
Is it the
“From Main Menu”
Assets -> Other Asset Tools -> Embed Internal Assets?
I've read:
https://www.orbolt.com/asset-guidelines [orbolt.com]
and is the “For assets with private subassets…” section the
right place?
And second question:
Should I use namespaces like: “MyNameSpace :: Sop/MyTool::0.0.1” (please ignore whitespaces, only to avoid smileys)
for the main asset for simple share via Orbolt?
Any help is welcome :-)

Should be a free asset, when it comes to commercial ones I'll ask more stupid questions.
You are warned now :-)
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English is not my native language, sorry in advance for any misunderstanding :-)
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