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I have a popnet creating some particles with the POP spin, to have a random rotation in each particle, also Im copying a tube in each particle, the tube rotates as it supposed to, but when they hit the ground, the tubes stays with a random rotation as well instead of pointing Y.

I'm thinking that if I use the normals instead of the POP spin I could blend between the N0 and N1 when the particle hit the ground, using the hit info from the POPnet, but truthfully I don't know how to achieve this .-.

I'm using POPs and copy the tubes/coins to the particles because the particles born magicaly from the floor after a character hit the floor with his cane.

If anyone could help me or have any idea I would appreciate it!!!

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see around minute 26

Edit: sorry: 28:30++

By increasing particle size you can avoid overlapping ;-)

Attached is where to find hit time in the new school popobject
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English is not my native language, sorry in advance for any misunderstanding :-)
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